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A general guideline in the Kansas City area suggests because of the variables a investment of around $1,600+ per finished minute of video created. 
Tree Doctor - Paul Weaver, ISA Certified Arborist - Videos
Paul Weaver, ISA Certified Arborist Reputation Only Video
Reputation Videos (A)
Created to showcase the company's 
Reputation From Their Customers.
3 Frames
Paul Weaver, ISA Certified Arborist Expert-Gram Video
Expert Gram Videos (B)
Positioning The Company and Owner as
The Experts In Their Field.
Very Short and To The Point Video.
2 Frames of Content
Paul Weaver, ISA Certified Arborist Branding Video & Reputation
Branding Videos (C)
Telling the story that showcase how your brand addresses a problem and highlights what sets you apart!
Essentially telling your brands story.
4/7 Frames of Content
Paul Weaver, ISA Certified Arborist Offer & Reputation Video
Offer Videos (D)
Providing a discounted promotion to attract the customers interest in trying the service for the first time.
4/7 Frames of Content
70% Savings
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Vision: Core 4: Maximize buying power by group purchasing organization and save your business by reducing costs.
Reputation - Social Media - Traffic - Automation
Audits: Online and Offline Marketing Audit.
Strategies: (SOPs) Content Creation For Websites, Content Creation Blogs,
Content Video Creation, Targeting New Cold Prospects and
Retargeting Website Visitors: Tracking Pixels!
ROI: Income Results Tracking: Video Simulation Mapping Incorporated and Available in each Service and Products.

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